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I've been an Engineer and Producer for 30 years and worked in many top studios with some of the World's most successful artists. Having recorded and mixed many successful albums and singles over the years, including some done right here in my studio, i'm now offering the chance to learn how to become a Producer - One-On-One with myself in my custom studio.

It's not enough to know how to record or mix - you need to know so much these days to survive in the music business, which is why my course will cover everything from recording and mixing to the business side of things and even video production skills for those that want to be true all-rounders.

You'll get to use my studio and equipment - real hands-on experience and get a proper insight in how to make a living from the music business.

I've worked on Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, House and Grime and the skills you learn will have real value in today's music business.

  • Programming Beats and MIDI parts using Apple's Logic Pro X.

  • Learn about EQ, Compression, Limiting, Gating and other essential studio tools.

  • Understanding sampling and it's uses in modern music.

  • Learn to use drum pads and MIDI keyboard controllers.

  • Learn about monitoring - what speakers are best for what job?

  • Vocal production. Which mic to use and how.

  • Choosing sounds that work together - and creating your own.

  • Learn to mix. Mixing a track is more than just balancing levels.

  • Stereo Bus tricks for a tight, yet wide mix. 

  • Mastering - the final stage of a recording - adding the fairy dust.

  • Running a small Record Label.

  • Artist Management.

  • Promoting yourself and your business.

  • Weekly 1 Hour Lessons.

  • Times to suit your schedule.

  • Suitable for GCSE Students and older.

  • From £50 Per Hour