When I shot my first music video back in 2001, beautiful, cinematic, professional-looking footage was not possible without splashing out on a 35mm film camera and the associated crew needed to operate it.  Budget music videos were shot on cheap DVCam systems and looked OK... but nowhere near what the big boys were able to achieve on film. All that changed around 2010 when large sensor DSLRs were suddenly able to capture stunning cinema-style footage for a tiny percentage of the cost of film. Since then, 4K capture has become the norm and cinematic images that rival anything you'll see at the cinema are achievable. 

We use a combination of large sensor sized mirrorless cameras to capture the majority of our work. We combine these with Atomos 4K recorders to give beautiful images that can be played back on-set at any time.

We also have a large selection of sliders, cranes and 3-Axis gimbals which all help to deliver the kind of footage necessary in today's competitive video market.

Anything we don't have, we can hire - no problem.

We have our own Post-Production Suite in Hertfordshire featuring some of the latest hardware and software. Unlike a lot of post production suites, we are just as concerned with the audio as we are with the video. We provide professional audio mixing as part of our service.

Our output over the last 18 months has included 4 music videos which have been screened on BBC1, ITV and Channels 4 and 5, a feature film which is due for release in 2022 and several Web-Based adverts/info films.  Our music videos have amassed over 1 million views on YouTube in 2018-2021.

Talk to us today to discuss your project and let us give you a competitive quote.

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