In 2021, Music Videos are more vital than ever.  The first port of call for hearing new music for a huge percentage of people is YouTube and seeing no video or a lazy packshot video crop up isn't going to impress anyone. 

Full-on music videos with all the production values you need are no longer out of reach financially. Using modern cameras and lights combined with a killer idea will give you something your fans will love. Shooting B-Roll behind the scenes at the same time is a really good value way to give yourself extra content for your social media channels and is easy and affordable to add to the package. 

Seen something cool online you want to use in your next video? Show us... we'll work out how it was done and tell you how we can make your video look even better.

When we book a shoot, we remember that you need a decent playback system, plenty of tea and coffee and and the ability to watch back your takes to make sure you're happy. We handle all of that.

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