Video content has become the number one way to attract customers to engage with brands in the last few years. Traditional print and TV advertising has given way to new, inventive video content that often finds it's way to your potential audience via social media.  The expensive and huge video productions of old are long gone... these days it's fast, and affordable. 

It's not just for advertising that things have changed though... music videos are now well within the reach of unsigned acts looking to bring attention from potential fans and future business partners. One day shoots and two day edits are common now and with the equipment being so accessible and fast to use, there's no excuse for not having a great video... We work in the music industry a lot and believe us when we say, not having a music video looks both lazy and uncommitted.  As with most video productions, it's all about having a great idea and if it's a new act, it's about making your mark - and leaving an impression on the viewer.

Before we start on a project, whether it's music video, a TV ad or even a short film, we sit down with you over a coffee or two and get to the root of what you need your video to do for you.  We look at other examples of similar projects together, we discuss and drill down into the detail of what you expect to see in the finished product. It's only then that we look at putting a shoot and edit schedule together for you. Unlike a lot of video production houses, we also supply bespoke music for projects if needed. Written and recorded just for you and sync'ed perfectly to your video.

We understand that the edit will include some backwards and forwards between us to get the result you want and this is all included in the price.

Once you are happy with the result, we can deliver in a multitude of formats to cover Cinema, HDTV, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Wherever your video needs to go, we can get it there.

Talk to us today to get your next project off the ground.